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Providing stepping stones to create success through education for children and families who have limited opportunities.
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We provide a tuition free, high quality, develop-mentally appropriate preschool program.  It is comprehensive and creates success for children at risk of school failure due to literacy issues.

We reward and continue to promote family literacy by providing post secondary education opportunities to our former preschoolers who are now high school graduates, by enabling access to college through our college scholarship fund.

We ensure family success by requiring the parents to attend: tuition free adult education classes, parental classroom participation and parenting classes.  Further supports include home visiting and tuition free child care and enrichment for the younger siblings of our preschool students.

We further ensure success by: providing our preschool children with meals in partnership with the hosting school district, partnering our preschool program with colleges and local organizations to assist family literacy by providing adult education, and reaching as many preschool children as possible through blended funding streams.