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Providing stepping stones to create success through education for children and families who have limited opportunities.

Preschoolers + Parents = Educating 2 Generations 2gether

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Founded in 1989, A Stepping Stone currently collaborates with Alhambra Elementary School District to provide two preschool classes for a total of 35 three- and four-year-old preschool children, up to 13 younger siblings, and adult education and parenting classes for their parents in Phoenix, Arizona. Identified as those children most at risk of school failure due to low literacy in the home environment, children attend a quality preschool program. Their parents attend English and/or GED preparation classes while younger siblings attend a nurturing childcare setting. Click here to see a list of our program content.

A Stepping Stone parents agree to:

attend GED or ESL classes

attend a minimum of 4 hours of parenting workshops monthly

work a minimum of two mornings each month in the classroom

open their home monthly to visits from the teachers.

Why is preschool so important anyway?
Isn't beginning one's education in kindergarten early enough?"

For children to be ready to begin school healthy and ready to learn, we need to be sure not only to give children a great start, but support their parents to be that child's first best teacher. Our style of educating the whole family has been scientifically proven to have great effect on children. In 2007, A Stepping Stone Foundation commissioned an independent evaluation of our programs which continues through 2013.

"Investing in children earlier and providing an equal opportunity for all children can potentially alleviate some of the educational, social and medical problems that negatively impact children's chances to succeed. It is an opportunity to build a better educated, more productive workforce and community of citizens for the future."


Prepare children for success in school.

Promote adult literacy and English language mastery.

Train parents to support the developmental growth of their children.


Early childhood education.

Hot breakfast and lunch.

Parenting workshops on topics such as:

- Parents as Classroom Helpers.

- Developing Self-esteem in Children.

- Health and Nutrition.

- Reading Activities to Do at Home.

- Games to Play with Your Children.

- Parent/Child Communication.

- Discipline and Guidance.

- Talking to Children About Sexuality.


At-home educational activities for children through home visits.

English as a Second language (ESL) classes.

Adult Basic Education or GED classes.

Discussion of social services available to the parents.

Child Care during parent education.

Christmas Angel gifts for all preschoolers and their siblings.

We thank you for investing in our children's futures. We assure you that you will
make a difference for our children, their families, and the community as a whole.

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