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Providing stepping stones to create success through education for children and families who have limited opportunities.

As of May 31st, 2013:

Since 1989, A Stepping Stone Foundation has served more than 1700 families. As of May 2013, A Stepping Stone Foundation's direct family literacy capacity is 35 families; that's 35 three- and four-year-old children, up to 13 younger siblings, and at least 35 adults. This past 2012-2013 year, A Stepping Stone served 38 families (32 of them for 6 months or more). Also, for the past two years, the Foundation has been serving 30 participants in the Stepping Into College fall event and awarding an average of 25 college scholarships to former preschoolers. Finally, there are two annual job training positions at the Stepping Stone Office where former preschoolers can obtain their first paid work experience.

More than 130 different people are directly affected throughout the year, taking into account immediate family members; 83 of them on a daily basis on school days throughout the year (home visits on Friday). There are additional secondary recipients of the program including neighbors who live near enrolled families who benefit from the "spill-over" of increased knowledge about the importance of early childhood development, increased self-esteem and the value of life-long education. The local school district also benefits by having better prepared kindergartners and parents who are already trained and motivated to volunteer at the school and become active in site based decision making.

This past year, A Stepping Stone benefitted from a Thunderbird School of Global Management student team practicing newly acquired skills and knowledge on change management. They left A Stepping Stone with a formal change project document and one of their primary recommendations embedded in this change project was to get current test scores for former preschoolers now in elementary school.
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The bottom line? Kindergartners enter school ready to learn, with the vision firmly implanted in their hearts and minds of a career and post secondary education. They are healthy and supported by their parents. If they are from English Language Learning homes, they enter kindergarten fluent in English and supported by parents who are functional in English (at least able to communicate on a basic level with their children's teachers). Parents leave our program with increased parenting skills, awareness about the importance of early education, awareness about the need for post high school education and the knowledge of how important their role is in their child's educational future.