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Scholarship Winners 2020-2021

We are so very proud of all our Billie Gannaway Memorial Scholarship winners!  This past award year, we also gave five Ivey Stepping Higher (ISHS) scholarships and for the first time two William O. Smith (WOSS) scholarships.  Due to COVID19, we could not present awards in person like we usually do, but had a slide…

Roll Call


It’s the end of September and while we were hoping to come back to school in-person soon, it looks more and more like we’ll be continuing our distance learning format via the internet for months to come.  Our Bret Tarver Isaac Preschool neighborhood has a particularly high number of cases and it still remains unsafe…

Another Affirmation of Family Literacy

A Stepping Stone Foundation Board Member, Gabriel Escontrías, Jr., sent me an article today about work similar to that of our LEAF (Literacy Elevates Arizona Families) Program in Phoenix. It touts the rich return on investment that programs like LEAF have to society in concrete terms. The article was published online at, (originally published…

Recent Harvard Research for Early Education

Dear Readers, please find and follow the link below regarding new research which affirms intuitive and previously proven best practices for early education.  It is certainly how A Stepping Stone has been practicing for the past 27 years! Enjoy! -Cindy Click Here for Recent Harvard Research Article.

July 5 Whole Heart Update-$35,750.00

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July! Once again we cannot thank you all enough for your support of our children and families–most recently demonstrated by a phenomenal $35,750.00 response to our Whole Heart Appeal!

Whole-Heart Day Four

Thank you! As of today, We have collected $23,775 in donations and pledges for our Whole Heart Campaign. Please pass the word! We still have almost $20,000 to go to meet our goal.Whether it’s one big donation or 200 little ones, we can do it for the kids!


Whole Heart Appeal to date: $2,675 in donations the last two days bringing the whole appeal total to: $21,675! Keep those donations rolling in!


$20,025! Thank you to all who have already responded to our appeal to raise at least $41,500 for our children and families by June 30.  To recap, we have $19,000 in lead gifts already committed; an additional $1,025 has come in as of the writing of this update for a total of $20,025 pledged or…

Whole Heart Giving

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa Give Generously I am constantly moved by the generosity and love you show our children and their families through your support.  I work hard not to take that for granted.  This month, I appeal to your WHOLE HEART by asking you to…