After a Story Interactions

Our last post showed our children and teachers saying goodbye to one another in song.  Today, we give you a little more detail about every-day, long-distance learning with our LEAF preschool children.  Let’s begin with saying good morning:   Later that same morning, Teacher Janet read the group a story about a wayward dinosaur named…Continued

Watch Our Preschoolers

This week’s blog theme has been about how the pandemic has shifted how we live our lives and how those shifts have impacted A Stepping Stone’s enrolled families and scholars.  How has COVID19 effected how we deliver our award-winning LEAF (Literacy Elevates Arizona Families) program to young children and their families? That is today’s subject. …Continued

Our Scholars and COVID

COVID19 has taken a dramatic toll on our lives.  I hope we always remember the almost half million people who have already succumbed to its effects and all the families who have been touched by that loss of life.  Just as important to those of us remaining behind them, are the secondary effects: the heroic…Continued

They Talk About It-We DO it!

From NIEER’s policy research project coordinator, Kate Hodges: students enrolled in state-funded pre-K programs in New Jersey face a woeful shortage of devices and connectivity related to preschool distance learning.  “Ninety-two percent of these low-income school districts are providing remote pre-K instruction, but half of these districts report having students who don’t have access to…Continued

We Do DL Family Literacy

DL is Distance Learning.  Our children and parents have been learning together through DL for four months now. DL has given A Stepping Stone Foundation families the opportunity to participate in our LEAF (Literacy Elevates Arizona Families) program at almost the same level as if they were in person.     The preschool children still…Continued

Research Says

A Stepping Stone has engaged in two-generation family literacy for 30 years now. While others talk about it, we do it!!  Check out this link to a recent paper posted on Archbridge Institute’s website September 2020 from James J. Heckman (see Of special interest is Key Takeaway #2 two: “Families are the primary producers…Continued

BGMS Heading

Scholarship Winners 2020-2021

We are so very proud of all our Billie Gannaway Memorial Scholarship winners!  This past award year, we also gave five Ivey Stepping Higher (ISHS) scholarships and for the first time two William O. Smith (WOSS) scholarships.  Due to COVID19, we could not present awards in person like we usually do, but had a slide…Continued

Roll Call


It’s the end of September and while we were hoping to come back to school in-person soon, it looks more and more like we’ll be continuing our distance learning format via the internet for months to come.  Our Bret Tarver Isaac Preschool neighborhood has a particularly high number of cases and it still remains unsafe…Continued

Another Affirmation of Family Literacy

A Stepping Stone Foundation Board Member, Gabriel Escontrías, Jr., sent me an article today about work similar to that of our LEAF (Literacy Elevates Arizona Families) Program in Phoenix. It touts the rich return on investment that programs like LEAF have to society in concrete terms. The article was published online at, (originally published…Continued

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