Do you pay taxes to the State of Arizona?

If so, you probably can support our children and their families by taking advantage of an Arizona tax credit called Arizona’s Tax Credit for Qualifying Charitable Organizations. It will help you reduce your state tax liability and help our children and families at the same time.

The maximum credit is $400 for single taxpayers and $800 for married taxpayers filing jointly. You can take this credit in addition to the private and public school tax credits.

We do not imply or give tax advice. For any and all tax advice, please consult with your tax professional. And, more details can be found on the Arizona Department of Revenue website at:

We are on the list of Arizona Qualified Organizations at:
You’ll find us in the “S”s. Our QCT Code # is 20448.


AZ Charitable Tax Credit Donation Form
The children and families of our preschool program are most grateful for your commitment in support of them!