We reward and continue to promote family literacy by providing post secondary education opportunities to our former preschoolers .

We provide scholarships to program participants who are now high school graduates which helps them access college through our college scholarship fund.


The Literacy Elevates Arizona Families (LEAF) Program offers year-round educational programming for low-income adults, children and families.

        • Each LEAF site provides:
          • Preschool
          • Adult Education
          • Scholarship
          • Home Visiting
          • Parenting Classes
          • Parent and Child time together
        • After completing six months or more in our program, children qualify to apply for our post-secondary education scholarships:
          • The Billie Gannaway Memorial Scholarship
          • The William O. Smith Competitive Scholarship
          • Ivey Stepping Higher Scholarship
        • Check out some of our scholars’ stories:
          • https://asteppingstone.org/blog/billie-gannaway-scholars/

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We provide a tuition free, high quality, developmentally appropriate preschool program.