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A Stepping Stone has engaged in two-generation family literacy for 30 years now. While others talk about it, we do it!!  Check out this link to a recent paper posted on Archbridge Institute’s website September 2020 from James J. Heckman (see Of special interest is Key Takeaway #2 two: “Families are the primary producers of skills and policy makers should institute policies aiming to support families in engaging and nurturing their children. Additionally, more informed and motivate parents foster better schools by sending children to them who are qualified, motivated to learn, and who have already been taught basic skills.” READ MORE…


DL is Distance Learning.  Our children and parents have been learning together through DL for four months now. DL has given A Stepping Stone Foundation families the opportunity to participate in our LEAF (Literacy Elevates Arizona Families) program at almost the same level as if they were in person. READ MORE…

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We provide a tuition free, high quality, developmentally appropriate preschool program.