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Thank You Donors!

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Donors and Supporters!

A Stepping Stone Foundation would like to thank our 2022-2023 individual, corporate, and foundation supporters for their generosity in our two-generation education mission, to bring literacy and education to underserved preschoolers and families in Phoenix!


Individual donors (alphabetical)

Jim and Kelly Aanenson      Jaime Ade     Diana Aguirre-Rosales

Marcia and Bruce Anderson     Lara Anderson     Dorothy Anderson

Jorge Arvizo    Pradeep Avadhani   Laura Avila

Jeanne and Dorsey Baker    Frank Barrios     Colin and Joanne Barry

Frances Beatty     Chris Beaupre    Lois Beberniss

Asraful Bhuiya    Paul and Donna Binsfeld    Wendy Blair

Rob Bobeldyk    Jason Bock    Tom Bogardus

John and Jenny Bondurant   Chuck and Sandy Bonstelle   Judy Brengi

Jennifer Brooks   Beth Bruce   Laurie Buczak   Ann Burton

Malisa and Colin Cagney    Daisie Mae Camacho-Renguul

Rhonda Cagle    Janet Castaneda    Robert Clark    Kristin Coleman

Margaret Conway     Karen Cook    Lalo Cota    Duane Craig

Charles and Erika Cramer    Paula and Tim Cullison     Doni Cunningham

Liz Curry    Peter Damico     Sydney Davis    Patricia and Rick Davis

Max Dembow     Dhanshri Deshpande     Mario Diaz

Karen Dritsas     Marian Dukes     Lenay Dunn

Michael and Mary Dunn     Ann and Ken Eicher     Kim Eicher

Barbara and Robert Elk    Joy and Con Englehorn    Charlie and Pat Farmer

Marc and Kimberly Farrar     Ed and Rosalie Favilla     Lisa and John Fischl

Heather Frank   Lillian Garcia    Cynthia and Michael Gattorna

    Doug Gaylor     James and Barbara Geer    Mary Sue Gibson

       Bruce and Nancy Gibson      Irene and Dennis Glaser

Monica and Terry Goddard    Cameron Golab    Sarah Gonzales

Jim and Norma Gordon    Jeff and Denise Goshert

Bryan and Pearl Grapentine    Mark and Carol Grumley     Zarco Guerrero

Daniel and Jo Hahne     Lisa Halbleib      Michael and Maria Harper-Marinick

    Paulette and Dave Harshberger    Bridgid and Scott Hathaway    Janine Hatmaker

 Ron and Lori Heisner    Miriam Henderson     Karen Henderson

    Brenda Hensley    JoAnne and Ronald Hilde     Aaron Hoffert

   Robin Holloway    Rob Hunter    Will Hunter   Ben (Hyungju) Hur

Ron and Nancy Ireland     Carolyn Jackson     Larry and Peggy Jannusch

Carrie Jones    Elaine Jones    Elroy Jordan

John Hannah and Kendra Tollickson    Dawn King    Joy Klein

Titus Kruse    Patricia Kurtz    Corey and Elizabeth Lambert

Susan and Bob Lee    Cathy Lewkowitz    Melissa Lien

Mary Lou Lyding    Josh Manders    Allan Marks

Lios-Lynne Mathisen    Jennings Mayne    Robert and Sue McGuinness

Mac and Jan McLaughlin    Eugene and Cindy McWhorter

Joe and Carlotta Medcalf    Doug and Linda Merritt    Phillip Miller

Catherine Mondragon    John Murdough    Araceli and Eric Negrete

Margaret nelson    Keenen Nez    Brian Nocera    Christina Ochoa

Sally Parrott    Adrian and Lisa Payne    Karen and Bill Peterson

Lynn and Karen Pope    Maurice and Beverly Portley    Mindy Powers

Karen and David Prescott    Tom and Jacqueline Pynn

Luis Ramirez Thomas    Marilyn Rampley    Dewey and Sharon Reay

Michael (Shawn) Redfield    Donna Rempke    Delores Retana

Stephanie Rice    Marty and Frankie Jo Rios

Dane and Linda Roberts    Robert Robertson    Regina Rodriguez

Martin Rodriguez Nunez    Zak Rome    Alexia and Jason Roth

Jesse Safran    Diana Salazar-Uribe   Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez Brown    Lisa Saputo    Lynn Schepp

Jeremy Schweitzer    Judy Schwiebert    Joe Segal

Dale and Norma Sessions    John Shanholt    Jeff and Sandra Shapiro

Tina Sheinbein    Ken Sherk   Tina Shibles    Ruben Sierra

Christopher Sink    Louise Slotta    Ann Smith    Warren Smith

Nancy Smith    Jackie and Lisa Smith-Clinchy    Maureen Somers

Robert Spurlock    Michael and Cynthia Staley    Paula Starkey

Annette Stertzer   Margie Talley    Philip and Mary Taylor

Amy Tessitore    Brenda and Dave Thomson    Liz Torres

Mickey and Herb Tucker    Ed and Nancy VanBrunt

Ian Vasquez    Michael Vaughn    Shannon Warner

Kathleen and Robert Wentworth    Janet Wiig

Jon and Cindy Williams    Gary L. Williams    Joan Williams

Madison Williams    Martha Wilson    Amy Yackowski

Sue Yale    Rosemary Ybarra-Hernandez    Heidi and Ken Zinn


Foundation Donors (alphabetical)

American Express Foundation     Bank of America Foundation

Carsten Family Fund     Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Gary & Wanda Walsh Family Foundation

John F. Long Foundation    JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Kingdom Charitable Trust    Literacy Society of the Southwest

Masonic Charities of Arizona   Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Smart and Final Charitable Foundation

Steve Mihaylo & Lois Mihaylo Foundation   Stoneroad Family Trust

The Thunderbird Charities    Wells Fargo Foundation

West Valley Mavericks Foundation


Corporate and Organization Donors (alphabetical)

Arizona Public Service    ARUSI, LLC Engineering

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Breakthru Beverage of Arizona

Cox Communications    Executive Council Charities

Family Arts Needlework Shop    Guys who Give

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Lerner and Rowe Gives Back

Logicalis Architects of Change

Molina Fine Jewelers    One Four Nine Designs

Open LMS   Season for Sharing

The TLC Experience    Tisbest Philanthropy

Varitec Solutions    West USA Realty Cares