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Making a donation to A Stepping Stone Foundation may qualify you to take an Arizona Tax Credit for Qualifying Charities. Anyone who pays Arizona State Income Tax can use this tax credit. It’s not a deduction but a dollar-for-dollar TAX CREDIT! The maximum amount (new for 2023) of this credit is up to $842 for married taxpayers filing jointly and up to $421 for taxpayers filing individual or head of household returns. Click here to read more about the Arizona Tax Credit for Qualified Charitable Organizations.

Please call us at the office at 602-843-8281 if you have questions, and most importantly, for any and all tax advice, please consult with your tax professional.

$30 = Support 1 Family for a Day

A typical day for our families begins around 8:15AM where the child spends four hours at their Stepping Stone classroom, including breakfast, outside play, and hot lunch. While the child goes to preschool, one or more of the parents attends ESL or GED classes and younger siblings may attend childcare.

The Recurring Donation Option.

A sustaining gift (the recurring donation) provides stability to us, especially when working through our budgetary process. And, there are benefits for you, our valued donor as well. The option of monthly giving makes it easier to fold the typically lesser amount into your budget rather than the larger one-time gift. It allows you to choose an amount that works for you, a timeframe that works for you, and pride that you and the growing family of recurring donors are doing their part to help support A Stepping Stone Foundation all year long.  You’re able to “set it and forget it.” If interested, please choose one of the following recurring timeframe options:

Please note that you can cancel the “Recurring Donation” at any time. Please Contact Us or call us at 602-843-8281 to inform us of your wish to cancel the payments or if you have any questions. Thank you!

If the recurring option is not for you, no problem. Please use the following Standard Donation Form here. The children and families of our preschool program are most grateful for your commitment in support of them!

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We provide a tuition free, high quality, developmentally appropriate preschool program.