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Scholarship success story – The story of Rosa!

“My story starts in 1991 when I was born in Phoenix.  I’m the oldest and I have two younger sisters.  Yes, we grew up together and love them to death! We got extra close as adults since I am 3-4 years older than them.”

“As a kid, I always knew I wanted more growing up.  I always had these big dreams of making it big, but I never really knew what, but I knew that I wanted it. I never knew my parents struggled to make ends meet because I had such a good childhood and so many good memories with my family. I remember having Christmas presents thanks to Stepping Stone’s help, but never felt any less because of it. My parents always made it known that school was important growing up.”

Looking back, “the advice I would give to my five-year-old self is don’t lose your fire – continue to be sassy and always stand behind what you believe in ALWAYS! Never let anyone else’s opinion affect what you do next.”  For parents, “be there for your kid, especially if this is a first-time college generation student.  The experience is new to the student and the parents.  Take them grocery shopping, but even better, buy your college student food. I remember having lunch dates with my dad and knowing I wouldn’t have to cook ramen in my dorm’s microwave!”

“Being involved in your child’s education is something that begins with Stepping Stone.”

“It took me four years to receive my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with my biggest struggle during my college education was learning how to form good study habits.  College was hard compared to High School.  It was a huge awakening. I never had to “really” study in High School because it was easy.”

“After my College graduation in 2014, I landed a job as an investigator for the State of Arizona.  My college sweetheart and I had a beautiful daughter in 2015. I bought a home in 2016 in Gilbert, Arizona, and began to travel in 2017 and have visited so many cool cities and countries. I changed careers in 2019 and I am currently working in Risk Management for a huge rental car company. One of the most exotic family trips was visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2021.”

“In 2024, I am currently planning a wedding with my college sweetheart in Barcelona, Spain, to be held in April!”

“My parents have been my strongest influence in pursuing a higher education.  My father always told me that an independent woman is one with many possibilities.  Education is something that no one can ever take away from someone. Education has the ability to open many doors and changing the life of others.”

“My advise for any college student is know what you love to do and make a business out of it.  College will teach you the basics, but while you are there, make sure to build connections and network a lot!  I want to be known as having no obstacles and if you want something, you will go after it. Yes, it takes hard work, long stressful nights, and determination!  In the end, it will all pay off when you see the difference that you are making in other people’s lives.”

“My main goal is to make a difference and encouraging others that everything is possible.”