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Documentary: Part I

Last October, I received an email.  It was very simple and direct with almost no details and went something like, “We are looking for grass-roots non profits in Phoenix to highlight for a documentary we are putting together.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience.”

Ugh, Spam“, was my first thought.

With my pinkie poised over the delete key, I re-read the simple request– twice.  I hesitated.  After all, it wasn’t telling me they’d like to wire a million dollars to A Stepping Stone from an African account, nor were they offering to sell me prescription drugs at life-altering savings.  AND my board and I actually had been focusing on how to get the word of our preschool with family literacy efforts out to the community– so my hand left the keyboard in favor of the mouse and I clicked on “reply” and sent an equally brief email saying, “OK, let’s talk.”

Seven months later, I now have a tentative air date for the “documentary” they eventually filmed by the end of that same month (Oct. 2011)!  It was a roller coaster experience which I will share in pieces over the next few months as we wait for the show to air.  In the meantime, please watch for our air date for the documentary which will air on ABC later this year.