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Documentary: Part II

Slowly the cat is being let out of the bag! As it turns out, our “Documentary” is really part of an episode of Secret Millionaire.


When the crew showed up for the first day of filming (the same week we were putting together our marketing video thanks to Tammy Schultz and the good people at Avnet), I noticed a lot more crew than I expected.  I sat dutifully with a clipboard at the back gate as production people sporadically came through.  According to state law all visitors on any Arizona public school campus must sign in, so I was there to greet them all that morning.  I counted a dozen people by 8:30.  This seemed more than a documentary.  But I have very little experience with production and it occurred to me that it could be a well-funded documentary.  After all, they were trying to sell it to PBS as a six part series. Or so went the cover story.


So the initial ruse was safe.


It was fascinating to watch how all these people became a part of the background as they followed our volunteer through the gate and into the classroom.  From the first few minutes, it was clear the kids and our volunteer loved each other.


For more details, watch the blog for Documentary III.


ED Cindy