A Stepping Stone Foundation Blog

Family Thanks

…I want to say thank you for this program for our children, parents, and family. I’m so thankful for all the projects, information and education. We feel blessed to participate in the (Stepping Stone) program as a family. We have been growing as parents, teachers and educators of our children. This is something very unique and valuable.

In our culture and country, we don’t have that educational support. Thank you for being patient with us. The program has motivated me to continue my education and to be a model for my family. This school year has given me a nice experience with my son. My son has been a good example for his sister, cousins, and friends to follow. His teachers are forming and educating him to be a good citizen through books, music, games, teamwork, and their dynamic way of teaching is reinforced with professional ethics.

You are great people and thank you on behalf of my family.


(Mother of a 3-year-old)

March 2012