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Family Update-Thank YOU Stepping Stone Supporters

I had a lovely visit this summer from one of our former families.


The father is in the process of getting his immigration status revised and was very grateful to receive a letter from A Stepping Stone supporting the fact that both his children had been in our program as preschoolers with Mrs. Fran at the Westwood Campus and that he was very active in all the adult aspects of our program.  Dad had taken both English and GED classes–he even was on a TV spot helping us explain what A Stepping Stone does in the local community one year.


The daughter who is beginning second grade in the Avondale area and the son who will be in 5th grade accompanied their dad to the office.  Their mother works at St. Joseph’s Hospital and couldn’t join them since she was still at work.  As we caught up, I glanced at our wall wondering if we had a picture of the kids in one of the class pictures we place there every year.  Sure enough, Natalia found herself there in the 09-10 class.  Carlos Jr.’s picture was not up on the wall–we’ll have to find it in storage!


Dad said more than once how much he was looking forward to helping A Stepping Stone in any way he could.  He thought this was an terrific program and was very grateful that it had helped him and his family just when they needed it.  THANK ALL OF YOU who support our program.  You make our community better!