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Former Stepping Stone Student Update

-By Andrea Reyes

My job at the Florence Project has been absolutely wonderful, I can honestly say I love my job! I get to meet with kids who arrive to the U.S. as unaccompanied minors, meaning they arrived alone without a guardian. When these children are detained by immigration at/nearby the border, they are then transferred to shelters to be housed with other minors. Once a week I go to “my” shelter and give the “know your rights” presentation to new arrivals where I explain to them their rights and what happens next. Legal assistants are assigned to a shelter, I get a shelter that I kind of “watch over” with an attorney so we help children that are housed at my designated shelter. Many kids are terrified and confused but we are there to explain everything that happens so they are not completely scared of what happens next. It feels very rewarding knowing that they are grateful that I am there to help them understand the long process.

As far as my LSAT, I received my score and I scored, okay. I did not score as well as I had been scoring in my prep courses so, I will be retaking the exam. I am not sure when I will be retaking the exam since I have not had much time to study…. My mind has been pretty occupied with that (father’s death) while traveling back and forth to Mexico so I haven’t had much time to study. However, I am aiming to retake it in June 🙂