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Former Stepping Stone Parents Now Community Leaders

As I exited a community conference with the Arizona Education Foundation Evaluating Committee at Westwood Elementary, I noticed former Stepping Stone parent, Carmen Lopez, across the room. Carmen is currently the president of the local PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). She waved and we huddled for a quick conversation. She invited me to an event Saturday where the Alhambra Chapter of Stand for Children would celebrate their second anniversary. “My husband is now the president of the Alhambra Chapter,” she said.


I had spoken with Carmen and Armando several weeks ago in the hallway at Westwood and they had been quite emphatic that it was A Stepping Stone Foundation that gave them the skills and courage to be community leaders. Their daughter began as a three-year old in Mrs. Fran’s class and then went on to Mrs. Janet’s classroom as a four-year-old. Consequently, the family had two years to learn English, practice goal setting and exemplary parenting.

What amazing testimony to the success of our core program.

Kudos to Carmen and Armando! Kudos to our supporters!

~ Cindy