A Stepping Stone Foundation Blog

Gabriella Reyes- Intern

My name is Gabriella Reyes and I am a former Stepping Stone preschooler. My first glimpse of school and the education sector started in 1994 when I was in Mrs. Milks’ class. I remember loving class, especially when we had an art project. One day Mrs. Milks approaches me and compliments the tree painting I had made. “That is a very nice tree painting. Where did you learn to draw trees?” she asked. I, as a very sassy and confident little girl, respond with, “No one taught me, I just knew how to.” She was a great motivator and inspired young me to keep expressing myself artistically.  Her class and the Stepping Stone program prepared me for the years to come.


Fast forward a few years, and I attended Arizona State University. The foundation continued to help me by awarding me the Billie Gannaway Scholarship. This monetary aid was an important participator to the success of my university life, making funding college less stressful.


Now as a recent ASU grad with a B.S. in Business Management and Minor in Film & Media Production, the program and Cindy continue to help and support me by having me intern at the foundation’s office. I just hope that one day I can be as much help to the foundation as they were and have been to me.