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How a Pitch can Get the Ball Rolling

Thank you past president Michael HensleyAttorney at Jones Skelton, Hochuli, for this true and recent anecdote:

I was at a reception last night (5/3/12) for Arizona’s Finest Lawyers at the house of Retired Supreme Court Justice Gordon when I ran in to attorney Jill Goldsmith who is also a member of Social Venture Partners Arizona (SVPAZ).  She heard Executive Director Cynthia Gattorna’s Fast Pitch some time ago and her additional pitch when Stepping Stone was being considered for a program grant from SVPAZ. Jill could not stop expressing how impressed she was with the preschool/family literacy program and then went on to explain in detail all of the parts of this program. Jill said how well Cindy had pitched the program and that she used the information from Cindy’s pitch herself to educate others in the community about A Stepping Stone Foundation.

Then, each attendee was asked to say something about themselves and what they thought about being a lawyer. Many of them expressed how important giving back was, so I started mentioning my involvement with A Stepping Stone. After my pitch another attorney Daniel Ortega came over to me and said he knew all about A Stepping Stone and what a good program it was.  He talked about how Tony Astorga, Chairman of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, was always asking him for a donation.

Our community is learning more and more about us! Thank you to all who pitch and go to bat for us!