A Stepping Stone Foundation Blog


Hello my name is Neida Sandoval. I am one of six of my family members that has attended A Stepping Stone preschool. This program has helped me and my family in many ways. It has helped me further my education and through the years I have met several people that to this day are close friends.

This program helped me grow as a person and a student. Mrs. Belinda, is the best role model I got as child, she taught me life morals and how to be a star student. Other than learning, I can also remember the fun activities like water day, and days where my mom would spend the whole day with me. Up until this day, I still have some Polaroid pictures of some of the holiday festivals and classroom activities we use to do. Out of the many pictures there is one with my siblings and me with Cindy and her husband. In the picture my siblings and I were all small, compared to how grown we look today.  The pictures is a great example that shows that over the years Cindy, has been such a great support in my life and in my families.

I am currently attending Arizona State University, where my major is Sociology. I will forever be grateful for this internship opportunity and for the program. One day I hope to give back to my community in the way that A Stepping Stone did.