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Mother’s Day and Parents Recognized

Special End of the Year Child and Parent Time Together


On Monday, May 7th, the parents in our program gathered in the classrooms with their children for one of their last Child and Parent Times Together.  To the left are parents in the three-year-old classroom. The children sang for the whole group and then joined their own mom or dad to present special pictures and poems to them.  Our families have worked very hard together all year and this is a special time to remember how everyone has grown.

The four-year-old (now mostly five-year-olds) classroom begins their special morning outside with their version of autograph gathering.  When I visited this morning I felt very included as most of the children wanted my autograph too.

Now, who am I missing?


“How does it read?  What name does it say?” they ask me.  I quickly went from Mrs. Gattorna to Mrs. Cindy!  If you look closely, you will see the handprints of the children on the T-shirts. Each individual child’s name is on one handprint.  These T-shirts will be worn for most of this week as the children enjoy water play and a small graduation ceremony in their classroom.

These amazing children have grown so over the last nine months!  They, too are about to head inside to entertain their mothers and fathers with their rendition of the Mexican Hat Dance.