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Secret Millionaire Epilogue

Dear Stepping Stone Supporters:

I wanted to give you a quick follow-up to the Secret Millionaire-A Stepping Stone segment (filmed fall 2011, aired this fall).  Our Secret Millionaire, Mr. Jay, promised one of our Stepping Stone moms that when she received her GED, he would have scholarship money waiting for her.  Unfortunately, she left our program before completion and we lost touch with her.

Today, she called our lead teacher Miss Janet, saying she’d attained her GED and was ready to enter college to study for her Dental Assistant’s certificate.  Could she please tell us now to get in touch with Mr. Jay?

This was quite out of the blue as we had not heard from her since March of 2012.  We are very excited and wanted to remind our supporters how instrumental Secret Millionaire was to us A Stepping Stone; not just to this mom, but to Stepping Stone’s very existence that year.

May the peace and joy of the season enfold you now and throughout the New Year!