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Secret Millionaire: The Day After

We very much hope you all were able to catch Sunday’s Secret Millionaire episode (8/11/13).  Mr. Jay, of course, made good on his word and donated $50,000 to A Stepping Stone Foundation a few short weeks after taping the episode was complete.  Many of the extra wonderful things that Mr. Jay did for/with us included an SUV full of educational toys and a wonderful ice cream party in the park.


That was in October of 2011.  Jay’s donation and those of hundreds of other individuals and local Foundations and Trusts allowed us to continue our work at the site you see featured in the 8/11 episode.


Since then, we have had 35 new families come and go from our program.  The children you see in the episode began first grade TODAY. Next Monday 8/19, we begin with a new group of families for our 2013-2014 preschool and adult education school year.


Your support is needed as much now as it was then.  Please donate if you can on our donate page or by sending a check to:

A Stepping Stone Foundation

2851 W. Kathleen Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85053