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Super Hero Bear

This year our class has become “Super Heroes” by focusing on ways to be good citizens. Each week a child is selected randomly to be our class “Super Hero”. They take a poster home to decorate with family photos then bring it back to school to share and display it in the classroom. We also have a special “Super Hero Bear” that the students get to take home for the weekend and the families write in a journal what the “Super Hero Bear” special power is and also what adventures they had together while visiting the family.

One student wrote that their “Super Hero Bear’s” super power was to make other people happy. When I asked him how he could make other people happy he told me, “to play and share toys with my friends so they would be happy”. What a beautiful message for all of us to follow. I feel it is an honor and a privilege to work with young children and their families but it also is a great responsibility. I know how important it is to help my students prepare for kindergarten but I also have learned that the way they view themselves and others is just as or more important then any activity I do. Being kind and caring about others is a life long lesson.

We appreciate all the generosity and support from everyone who makes the Stepping Stone Program possible.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness.

Ms. Janet Castaneda and Ms. Maria Flores