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Teacher Eats Worm!

The three and four-year-olds have been studying worms and now it’s time to finish the thematic unit. The children are studying live earthworms on a mat in class (see photo).  They touch them and gently discover first hand what a worm feels, smells and looks like.  Their teacher has her bag of worms held between her hands.


She tells them how she loves to eat worms.


“Worms taste so wonderfully sweet” she says.  She reaches inside holding the bag close to her mouth so as not to let the warm moist earth the wiggly creatures live in fall onto the classroom floor.  She chews and rolls her eyes in pleasure.  “They taste so yummy!” she mumbles between bites.  Squealing half in horror half with delight they watched their teacher finish her worm.


“Now it’s your turn”, she said.


The shyest boy, who had not even wanted to touch his worm at the beginning of the class inches his worm closer to his mouth braving the first bite.


“Wait!” the teacher laughs.  “It’s a joke!  My worms are candy!”  She pulls a gummy worm from her sack to show the children.  They all delight in the game together; loving trust allows you to be gently fooled.  The game was well played by the knowing teacher.