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True Stories

True Stepping Stone Stories:

As the parents came in the gate for the day, one of the moms pulled Teacher Janet aside to tell her how grateful she was for everything A Stepping Stone did for their families. Janet was gracious, but it was a busy time and she was ready to move on. The mom stopped her and said,

“Yesterday, we were all around the dinner table talking and joking when my little daughter began to choke.”

The child had accidentally swallowed a water bottle top and it had lodged in her throat. They immediately called 911 and used the Heimlich maneuver; and because the mom had just gone through CPR class at A Stepping Stone, she knew just what to do and how to keep calm enough to get it done.

By the time the paramedics arrived all was under control and the daughter didn’t even have to go to the hospital. Often we get so focused on reading and speaking English we forget about all the other wonderful things our program does for our participants.

This parent literally believes A Stepping Stone Foundation helped save her life!