For our LEAF program, A Stepping Stone Foundation seeks families who have a preschool aged child who is potty-trained where one (or both) parent(s) never completed high school or are learning English and can attend all the obligations listed below. It is beneficial if the family lives in the public school district where our program is delivered. Currently that is Alhambra Schools District or Isaac Elementary School District.

If this sounds like a match for you, you can email us at [email protected] for more information.

In order to participate, each family must fill out an application (we can help you do that!), have an interview with the lead teacher and then sign a contract to fully participate in our program. The family obligations are below.

  • Get their child to preschool every day during the regular school year;
  • The qualified parent must attend adult education classes at least four hours each week and
  • Work in their child’s classroom at least twice a month
  • The qualified parent must attend parenting classes at least twice a month and
  • Open their home to our teachers once a month for home visits to discuss their child’s and their progress and to practice what was learned in parenting class.

In return for this investment of the family’s time, we will provide:

  • FREE preschool for the child four days a week,
  • FREE adult education and parenting classes for the qualified parent,
  • FREE breakfast and lunch for their preschool child and
  • FREE limited childcare for any younger siblings

A qualified parent is one who has gone through the application process described above. No proof of citizenship nor proof of income is required.

Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies a family to participate in this program?

Because this is a literacy-based program, parents must be in need of a high school diploma and/or help with English. They must agree to be actively involved at all levels of their child’s education and their own. The teachers interview families to determine those with the most potential for grow

What happens if they do not fulfill their commitment?

On rare occasions, a family has been dropped because of its inability to fulfill the requirements. Although this is a difficult decision, it honors the families who are busy fulfilling their commitment. The dropped family is free to have their child enroll in other programs such as HeadStart. A new family is always quickly recruited and integrated.

Can’t these children go to Head Start or other similar programs?

Although an excellent program, Head Start is income-based and does not require the same level of parent involvement. Our program thus meets a different need. The Stepping Stone-partnered school districts report each year that for all preschool programs they have hundreds of children and their families that could be served if more classrooms were available.

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