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All of our Stepping Stone moms have begun online classes and work at their own pace.  Each Friday, they meet together in the adult education room just one building away from where their children attend Stepping Stone’s LEAF preschool.  Currently, Neida, one of the Stepping Stone office interns meets with them there to help them with any technical issues and provide content support as they work through their assignments.

We originally had four mothers participate, but one has moved to Mexico. Sadly, it was the one whose story I shared in my blog post. Interestingly she is a US citizen, but her husband is not, so she has rejoined him in the Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) area. The remaining moms’ ages range from 24-48.

Up Close and Personal

The mom who is 48 said all her older children are enrolled in college, but she had never finished her own education.  All her extended family that live here (all her children, her husband and brothers and sisters) have their permanent residence status or are US Citizens, but she has not. Her children used to ask her when she was going back to get her GED–one step in applying for permanent residency.  Now that she’s doing it, they are so proud of her!