Happy New Year!

Dearest Supporters,   As we welcome 2023 into our lives, it is a natural time to reflect on the past, revel in the now and plan for the future.  As you continue reading below, you’ll note statistics about what we have done in the past, our current status and our plans for the future. LEAF:…Continued

More Than Preschool

A Stepping Stone Foundation is so much more than a preschool program. When a child enrolls in preschool, the whole family enrolls. Many of you already know that at least one enrolled parent must attend adult education (English or GED prep classes), parenting classes, work in the preschool classroom and participate in home visits. Below…Continued

Planet Money Article

They Talk About it; We DO it!

“The most eye-popping effects the researchers find are on high school graduation and college enrollment rates. The kids who got accepted into preschool ended up having a high-school graduation rate of 70% — six percentage points higher than the kids who were denied preschool, who saw a graduation rate of only 64%. And 54% of…Continued

They Talk About It-We DO it!

From NIEER’s policy research project coordinator, Kate Hodges: students enrolled in state-funded pre-K programs in New Jersey face a woeful shortage of devices and connectivity related to preschool distance learning.  “Ninety-two percent of these low-income school districts are providing remote pre-K instruction, but half of these districts report having students who don’t have access to…Continued

We Do DL Family Literacy

DL is Distance Learning.  Our children and parents have been learning together through DL for four months now. DL has given A Stepping Stone Foundation families the opportunity to participate in our LEAF (Literacy Elevates Arizona Families) program at almost the same level as if they were in person.     The preschool children still…Continued

Research Says

A Stepping Stone has engaged in two-generation family literacy for 30 years now. While others talk about it, we do it!!  Check out this link to a recent paper posted on Archbridge Institute’s website September 2020 from James J. Heckman (see Of special interest is Key Takeaway #2 two: “Families are the primary producers…Continued

Another Affirmation of Family Literacy

A Stepping Stone Foundation Board Member, Gabriel Escontrías, Jr., sent me an article today about work similar to that of our LEAF (Literacy Elevates Arizona Families) Program in Phoenix.  It touts the rich return on investment that programs like LEAF have to society in concrete terms. The article was published online at, (originally published at JAMA…Continued

Recent Harvard Research for Early Education

Dear Readers, please find and follow the link below regarding new research which affirms intuitive and previously proven best practices for early education.  It is certainly how A Stepping Stone has been practicing for the past 27 years! Enjoy! -Cindy Click Here for Recent Harvard Research Article.

One Poignant Stepping Stone PART II

When our mom began our LEAF (Literacy Elevates Arizona Families) program this fall with her preschool child, we soon found out the she had been diagnosed with cancer.  She was taking chemotherapy treatments and the situation was and remains quite serious.  A few short weeks ago, the mom approached one of our staff and asked if they…Continued