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Moms in English class 2019

A Stepping Stone Foundation is so much more than a preschool program. When a child enrolls in preschool, the whole family enrolls. Many of you already know that at least one enrolled parent must attend adult education (English or GED prep classes), parenting classes, work in the preschool classroom and participate in home visits. Below is a success story related to English class.


A few weeks ago, one of our Brett Tarver Isaac Preschool moms called the paramedics. Her child had been very ill and was running a high fever. The mom had been administering medication according to the doctor’s recommendations, but the child worsened and went into convulsions. Imagine that sinking feeling! That’s when she called the paramedics.


When the paramedics arrived, the mom communicated confidently with the emergency responders in English. She had been (and is still) taking English classes through our program. When she reported the harrowing experience to her English teacher, she gave thanks that she was able to give her name, the child’s name, address and medical circumstances to the emergency responders.


Yes, our children will enter preschool ready to learn with their more affluent peers; yes, parents will understand their children’s developmental progress, but just as important, parents will leave our program better able to interact with their community, too!