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They talk about it; we DO it!

There are many hot topics regarding early childhood.  Most recently, I read:

“A high quality early education experience depends on a high-quality workforce of early educators. How we value and support those early educators as a nation – through access to higher education, professional development and commensurate compensation – has direct implications on their ability to do their difficult and important job well.”  DHHS, Dept Ed, United States publication June 2016, High-Quality Early Learning Settings Depend on a High-Quality Workforce.

You will be happy to know that we pay our lead teachers the same salary as a regular certificated teacher K-12.  This is well above the Arizona State average for preschool teaching staff. See http://www.earlychildhoodteacher.org/jobs/arizona/, and that our teachers regularly participate in continuing education and professional development. Our program is only as good as our teachers!