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The idea of balance in our curriculum needs to be resurrectedElliot W. Eisner

As an educator, I often am frustrated by the tension between accountability and the space to help young students become a life-long learner.  I DO belive we must assess a student’s progress and adjust our teaching accordingly, but in the grand scheme of things, shouldn’t our job one be to enhance the student’s ability to learn throughout their life? And in particular learn with their fellow students? You may wish to check out the talk by Elliot W. Eisner, now professor emeritus at Stanford. The link above (click on his name) will take you via U-Tube to Vanderbilt University where he gives several insights and suggestions on how to ensure education for ALL continues to be of high quality. The gentle struggle to understand him is worth every minute!

In particular Dr. Eisner interjects that arts integration in all curriculums promote independent thought and encourage a passion for learning.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Along that line, I am delighted that A Stepping Stone Foundation will work with Childsplay in a Helios Education-Funded project called EYEPlay.  It is a research-based model of applying theatrical play at a developmentally appropriate level to enhance language acquisition.