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Think Quality; Think Huber-Generational

Do not look first to what we are doing in our schools today that increases the quality of our life.  Look first to where there is a high quality of life that exists in the adult world and ask what was being done one or two generations ago to create this high quality? Then look at the similarities and differences in our teaching environments (home, school, sports, faith arenas etc) to shore up and tweak what is needed to for continuous high quality in our lives, our children’s lives and our grandchildren’s lives. For an in-depth look at one report about the multi-generational effects of poverty and factors that encourage resiliency, check out Dr. Rand Conger’s presentation at Piper Trust at http://www.pipertrust.org/nonprofit-support/maricopa-family-support-alliance/.

A Stepping Stone Foundation has been providing inter-generational education for families whose parents never graduated high school and/or are learning English for more than two decades.  Studies tell us that the mother’s education level in particular is a fair indicator of how far that child is likely to progress through the education system.  A Stepping Stone works closely with all parents, but the reality is almost 90% of the adults in our program who take parenting and literacy classes are women. And we aim to continue supporting those families.  That’s why we have the Billie Gannaway Scholarship program and that’s why this year we began a modest job training program.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog about two of our former preschoolers now in college who are working in A Stepping  Stone Office.  This is the first paying job either has held.